We are well equipped to deal with all equine emergencies including:

  • colic
  • choke
  • wounds
  • foalings
  • sick horses and foals
  • lameness

With advances in equine medicine and increasing client awareness of preventative health care of their horses we manage more than just emergencies. We offer a range of preventative health care, reproductive and supplementary services:

  • annual health checks and vaccination eg Hendra, tetanus, strangles
  • dental – examination, floating and extractions under sedation
  • microchipping, Aust. Stud Book DNA sampling and ID
  • routine surgeries – castrations, hernia repair, lump removals
  • reproduction
    • AI – chilled and frozen
    • pregnancy diagnosis and twin reduction
    • semen collection from trained stallions for chilled AI
    • post foaling checks of mares and foals
  • supplementary services
    • chiropractics and acupuncture (Mon-Tues)
    • clipping (at LEC)

For more information on our equine services or to book an appointment for your horse, please call us on (03) 5672 1044 ext 2.